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Which fileds of the automatic garage door will be used for

In addition to automatic garage doors for home use, automatic garage doors are also often seen in commercial use. For example, the use of automatic garage doors is generally involved in large-scale business premises such as company warehouses and commercial door faces. Such facilities are commonly found in enterprises. There are several types of main types. The remote control is through remote control buttons or The remote control performs a series of controls on the opening and closing of the door. The induction control is to sense the light source through the sensor, or to control the sound, or to control the shape, or to sense the image, these are very common The induction mode is now. The electric control is through us to power on it, or a series of operations of the button to open the point and the button. The above-mentioned forms are all common types of garage doors we see. It is a type of automatic garage door.


Generally speaking, the only difference between an automatic garage door and a manual garage door is that it relies on different power. The difference between an automatic garage door and a manual door is that the automatic garage door has a motor, and the energy of the motor is used to open or close the garage door. The better advantage of this method is that it can save a lot of trouble and does not need to spend a lot of physical effort to operate the relevant door. We only need to master the control method, which is also our focus. The advantage is that the disadvantage is that the cost is different. Automatic garage doors are much more expensive than manual doors.



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